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Online Shop Cheshire Through Time - Paul Hurley

Cheshire Through Time - Paul Hurley


"From the Cheshire Plain, that swathe of flatland with its mix of rich farmland, chocolate box villages and heavy industry to historic Chester with its aura of antiquity, across to the Wirral, most of which has been snatched away by Merseyside but leaves us with Ellesmere Port where the canal reaches the sea. Not forgetting ancient Nantwich, Alsager, Congleton, Wilmslow, Macclesfield, the gateway to the wild moorlands on the Cheshire Derbyshire border. Paul Hurley paints an affectionate portrait of Cheshire and gives residents, visitors and casual observers a look at how the towns once were compared with how they are now. Towns such as Stockport and Birkenhead that once formed part of the county, are not included but the ones that joined on amalgamation such as Widnes and Warrington are. So turn the pages compare the old with the new and see something different each time.." Soft Cover, 96 pages.